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Curtain Wrapping Solutions

Next Generation Load Containment Solutions for long timber products 

The FROMM Curtain Wrapping Machines tick all the boxes for automated wrapping of timber packs.

Historically timber packs have been wrapped in a manual process, with the plastic sheets applied and held with staples. From there it goes through the automated strapping process. FROMM has developed an automated curtain wrapping solution and has the first three installations operating in Europe.

The Curtain Wrapping process is five-sided and production speed is around 60 seconds depending on pack size and line speed. The machine is equipped with two separate side film units, two top film dispensers and a separate logo film unit. The FROMM Timber wrapping system is placed after the strapping process which applies compression to the load, the bearers for transport and strapping to hold the load. At that point it passes to the wrapping zone where the film is applied accordingly.

The customised printing on the film is excellent quality for marketing and is weatherproof too.


  • Compact modular system
  • Different pack sizes can be packed with the same machine.
  • Easy film changes
  • The customised logo film can easily be changed for different purposes such as special campaigns or branding
  • One person can manage the machine including roll changes, which frees other employees to other tasks 
  • Competitive packaging cost per pack 
  • Each pack of wood can be wrapped and ready for dispatch in under 60 seconds

Curtain Wrapping Machine