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Automatic Inline Wrapping Machines

The FROMM range of fully automatic pallet wrapping systems is designed to provide solutions to unitise and secure products on pallets for just about any industry and application.

We have developed models for a wide range of situations that include.

  • Turntable models where the pallet rotates and the wrapping head only moves in the vertical direction
  • Rotating wrapping arm models where the arm rotates around the stationary pallet which is ideal for unstable or fragile product.
  • Orbital machines that feature a specialist ring to process more than 100 pallets per hour, often needed in food, beverage, logistics and distribution.
  • Models that can accommodate pallets with loads up to 3000mm high

We can offer ancillary equipment including top sheet applicators within the wrapping zone or in front of the wrapper and robots to apply corner protection for logistics and distribution applications.

Our pre stretch wrapping carriages can minimise film usage by stretching at rates beyond 250%. Some models can operate with twin wrapping heads or with wider 750mm carriages to reduce cycle time.

We offer stainless steel wrapping machines with specialist electrical cabinets, gearboxes and motors to meet extreme hot or cold environmental conditions such as cold stores. We have even developed specific pallet wrappers for some of the harshest applications including bricks and hay bales.

We can provide the stretch wrapping machine as a standalone item or supply a packaging solution complete with the necessary conveyors and safety systems, label applicators and strapping machines to create turnkey packaging lines.

Whilst we draw on a range of standard components each machine is built to your requirements allowing wide scope for customisation, you can even match your corporate colours depending on your internal requirements or creative flair.

Preferences for Allen Bradley, Pro Face, Siemens or SEW components can be added to meet site specific requirements

As each of our inline pallet wrapping machines is engineered to meet your specific requirements please contact us so we can discuss your needs and design a cost effective solution for your application.

To view our Wrapping Solutions range in a printable format click here.