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Pneumatic Powered Hand Strapping Tools

FROMM designs and manufactures a complete range of pneumatic hand strapping tools for plastic and steel strap for easy manual strapping.

The pneumatic range can be used as offline or production workhorses where their strength and power mean they can be used for 24 hour operation.

The pneumatically powered plastic strapping tools compliment our battery powered strapping tools and are designed for use with Fromm PET and steel strap in widths from 15mm to 32mm.

Our high-powered tools can be suspended for ease of use and operator comfort and are used in some of the harshest industrial environments such as the Aluminium and Steel Industry.  

We have steel strapping tools which can operate with a strapping seal or as a sealless joint where a “punch” impression is put into the strap mechanically to create the joint. Our separate tensioner (A452) and sealer (A461) tools allow businesses to strap difficult shapes such as steel coils or profiles and can be used comfortably in tight operator positions.

FROMM pneumatic hand strapping tools are made in our state of the art factory in Italy under strict ISO controls and standards. All the FROMM Strapping tools come with a 24 month warranty as standard.

FROMM Australia offers a range of purchase, rental and lease options and service contracts are available to regularly maintain and calibrate your strapping equipment to ensure reliable operation.

Use the Fast Product Finder to match your needs to our strapping tools or contact FROMM by phone or email to get our expert advice.

To view our Strapping Solutions range in a printable format click here.