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Automatic Inline Strapping Machines

Strapping is a popular and effective way to unitise groups of products to make it easier to store and transport. For production facilities with high throughput, installing a FROMM inline strapping machine is a great solution to facilitate easy handling of awkward to handle items such as metal rods, extrusions and timber.

FROMM Australia is the market leader in providing Automatic Strapping Machines with over 70 years of global experience in industries including, metal fabrication, construction materials and logistics. Our custom inline strapping solutions are engineered to meet your exact requirements and feature a range of high-speed strapping heads designed of use with either plastic strap or metal strap.

Our strapping systems can be configured with the strapping head above, below or to the side of the products to suit your particular application.

We also offer a range of accessories and enhancements to meet the needs of any industry including:

  • Specialised strapping tracks for the harshest environments
  • Compression systems to square, hold and assist in unitising product
  • Bearer magazines and robots to place timber bearers underneath, side and on top
  • Cover applicators to place cardboard corners to protect product edges from the strapping

FROMM’s team of packaging experts can also engineer turnkey solutions with conveyors and other up or down stream technologies compete with safety systems.

To learn how we can help improve your productivity contact FROMM today.