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Proven knowledge to design Packaging Machines for your business

FROMM is the trusted packaging brand in Australia with over 70 years’ global experience in developing a broad range of Inline Automatic Packaging Machines including; stretch wrapping, carton taping and strapping for a wide range of industries.  

We have the proven knowledge to design packaging machines for your business. Below is a range of different Automatic Inline Packaging Machine installations we have designed, manufactured and installed.  


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  • Automated Wrapping system Beverage Distribution cover.jpg

    Automated Wrapping System for Beverage Distribution Warehouse

    This installation was an Australian first in the Distribution and Logistics market with two wrapping heads operating at the same time securing a pallet efficiently with very high throughput. Downtime caused by roll changes can be done conveniently and quickly with minimal operator interaction reducing potential risks.

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  • Rotary arm wrapping system cover.jpg

    Automated Wrapping System for 3PL Warehouse

    FROMM Packaging installed a stretch wrapping station for a new 3PL warehouse.  During the scope of works our technicians worked closely with the customer to determine their needs to ensure the machine was built to meet their requirements. The stretch wrapping station needed to accommodate a wide range of pallet heights and styles such as fragile loads, mixed loads and tall loads.

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  • Automated wrapping system cover.jpg

    Pallet Wrapping System for large retail chain

    Our customer is a large Australian retail chain and manage a busy warehouse. The warehouse staff are constantly unloading shipping containers, storing product and then pick and pack distribution via pallets. The loads are assembled from a pick list and are usually irregular shapes. Some inboard to the pallet, some outboard. Some loads are heavy and stable, others light and unstable. Our customer wanted an uplift in the number of pallets they distribute each day, improved pallet stabilization and were seeking a wrapping system that required little to no human interaction.

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  • Wrapping system oversized pallets cover.jpg

    Stretch Wrapping System for over sized pallets

    Our customer is a leading plastic film and laminate manufacturer and would often wrap oversized rectangle shaped or extra high pallets by hand. Fromm designed the SMH-SPL Wrapping Machine to accommodate not only the standard 1156 x 1156mm pallet but also up to and including 1200 x 3200mm. Wrapping the pallets with the FROMM SMH-SPL Wrapping Machine gave the customer confidence that the products would appear consistent and withstand rigorous shipping conditions.  

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  • Automated strapping system bricks cover.jpg

    Automated Inline Strapping System for Brick Manufacturer

    FROMM Packaging designed and installed two new strapping stations that will revolutionise the way strap coils are managed and changed in the brick manufacturing industry. The strapping track needed to be free of contamination and brick impediments that could cause damage. FROMM Packaging engineered a system to allow debris to seamlessly fall to the ground rather than collect in the track to reduce downtime and product failure. The customer wanted to remove the manual lifting process of changing around 200 strap coils per month. FROMM Packaging engineered new automated strap dispensers and moved to jumbo 16,000m strapping coils reducing downtime between each coil change.


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  • Hay wrapping line cover.jpg

    Automatic Inline Wrapping System for Australian Hay Exporter

    Our customer is a family owned and operated hay farming business located in Western Australia. They produce 30,000 tons of hay per year and export it throughout the Asian markets. They required an automatic inline wrapping solution for non-palletised hay that could withstand export shipping environments.

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  • Automated Strapping system plasterboard cover.jpg

    Automatic Inline Strapping System for Plasterboard Manufacturer

    Our client is a manufacturer and distributor of plasterboard in NSW. They had an automatic strapping system on site which was rendered redundant by a competing supplier due to the lack of spares and support. Staff had been strapping by hand for some months resulting in increased labour costs, time and no direct control over packaging integrity.

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  • Orbital Wrapping system pipe cover.jpg

    Orbital Wrapping System for Pipe Manufacturer

    Our customer is a manufacturer of small diameter pipe. Historically the pipe was bundled into orders and strapped at both ends prior to dispatch to its final destination. Due to market demand for better presentation, less transit damage and subsequent returns, the customer discussed their options with FROMM.

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  • Semi-automatic strapping solution metal fabricators cover.jpg

    Semi-Automatic Strapping Solution for Metal Fabricators

    A leading steel extrusions manufacturer needed a new strapping machine to adapt to the current production with the ability to easily transform and modify as the business grows. FROMM Australia engineered a strapping system including a FROMM MH600 strapping head and an automatic bearer application.


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