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Strap Choppers

FROMM Packaging Australia stocks and sells a range of strap choppers which turns waste into a recyclable asset.

Within the range of Sweed strap choppers there are machines for low volumes of strapping waste or high volumes found in traditional heavy industry.

In the Food and Beverage and paper industries the Sweed Choppers are usually located at the receiving area so the strapping can be removed from the product and chopped into 75mm pieces straight into a bulk bag or drum for recycling.

In timber, brick and tile Industries where the strap is wider and the waste higher, the larger DX models by Sweed are better suited so multiple pieces of steel or plastic strap can be chopped and processed at the same time.

In large mills and industrial premises the Sweed 510 model and beyond can handle steel strapping with seals and many pieces at the same time.

Putting the strap choppers onto a stand allows the recyclable assets to fall straight into a waiting bin or bag and then can easily be removed and despatched to the recycler.

The final chopper in the Sweed range is actually a cut to length machine so if you need to cut the strapping prior to applying it to the product the cut to length machine is the device for you. Simply dial in the cut length, and feed the strapping , steel or plastic into the cutter. The Sweed CL200 will then process strap into required lengths for use in the warehouse, factory or manufacturing facility.

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