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Strap Accessories

FROMM Packaging Australia provides a complete range of accessories for both steel and plastic strapping.

The range of items has been selected to complement our strapping machines and hand tools and to provide you with the optimum performance from our range of strapping equipment.

Check out the range of FROMM strap accessories below.

  • Fromm Packaging PET Dispenser

    Strap Dispensers

    We have dispensers for a huge range of strap coil sizes. From small coils from just 15 kg, to the state-of-the-art super jumbo strap dispensers designed to place a full pallet of strapping coils at the same time, eliminating human interaction and coil change down time

  • Fromm Packaging Seals Buckle

    Seals and Buckles

    Our complete range of strapping seals are suitable for use with all the FROMM strapping tools and other brands too. Plastic and steel buckles complete the range of joint methods.

  • Strap Tensioner

    Get your strap tension exactly right, every time you strap a product or pallet. The Digital Strap Tension Meter will take the guesswork out of securing your valuable products. 

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