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Shrink Wrap Films

FROMM shrink wrap starts at 50um and can be manufactured to 200um as a bag on a roll or continuous where the customer creates the bag. It can be printed so products in transit can have customer logo or other identifying marks and can also be made with UV additives so can be left outside for many months or years.

FROMM Packaging has a range of shrink films that can be used in conjunction with handheld devices or by in line machinery as the securing of dead weight products such as cement, fertiliser, and chemicals.  

  • Fromm Packaging Pallet Shrink Bags 125

    Pallet Shrink Wrap Bags

    Specially manufactured for industrial use in a range of sizes, standard Australian pallet sizes always in stock. Custom sizes and printing available. Perforated on rolls for easy operation.

  • Fromm Packaging Shrink Tubing 125

    Shrink Film Tubing

    To be used with the FROMM Packaging Australia Heat Shrink Gas Gun, shrink film will shrink & conform to the exact shape of the product once exposed to flame.

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