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Shipping Container Desiccants

Every year Australian businesses export and import millions of containers of goods from countries all over the world. During transit your shipping container is exposed to extreme highs and lows in temperature combined with rising and falling humidity. These erratic conditions cause thousands of containers to fall victim to container rain or cargo sweat. This damage is millions of dollars in product and reputation of Australian companies

FROMM Packaging provides a range of desiccant bags for Australian exporters and importers. The FROMM MBD99 Shipping Container Desiccant Bag protects your cargo from moisture contamination. Designed for moisture sensitive products such as steel or aluminium, cardboard cartons and palletised foods.

Our new range of desiccants Dry Cover and Dry Guard assist in maintaining a controlled climate inside your shipping container. They follow the theories of MBD.99 but have much higher absorption capacities. This means super sensitive cargos can be transported with enough of a desiccant “buffer” should conditions inside the container be extreme. The desiccant bag design ensure no leakage should saturation occur. 

  • Fromm Packaging Desiccant 125

    Shipping Container Desiccant with Active Mineral MBD99

    Exclusive to FROMM Packaging Australia, Active Mineral MBD-99 inhibits the formation of mould, mildew, rust and corrosion. Active Mineral MBD-99 prevents humidity and moisture from weakening cartons and labels.

  • Fromm Packaging Dry Guard

    Dry Guard Shipping Container Desiccant

    Dry Guard desiccants are designed to hang from the inside wall of your shipping container. Manufactured from a laminated non-woven material with excellent water repellence and good air permeability, they appear as a long thin strip with a hanging hook.

  • Fromm Packaging Dry Cover

    Dry Cover Shipping Container Desiccant

    Dry Cover desiccants are designed to hug or cover your products. Manufactured from a laminated non-woven material with excellent water repellence and good air permeability, they appear as a long rectangle strip with string to attach and secure the desiccant to your products.

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