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The benefit of partnering with FROMM is that we offer a total packaging solution. Offering a wide range of stretch film, we meet the requirements across various industry sectors including logistics, distribution, beverage, food, and paper.


Fromm guaranteed specifications            FROMM has been operating for over 70 years

Do you need help selecting which Stretch Film suits your business needs? Call Us - 1800 940 356

Our Stretch Film Solutions

Market Leading Stretch Film with up to 200% stretch, saving you money!

Using the correct stretch film is invaluable when compared to the cost of potential damage during shipping or storage, and FROMM’s pallet wrapping range will have you covered with the best standard.

Thanks to its high level of clarity, FROMM’s stretch film offers protection so you can improve packing and shipping efficiency. FROMM Stretch Film maintain high puncture resistance, clarity and retention. 

However you call it – pallet wrap, stretch wrap or stretch film – FROMM’s range of high quality products includes clear, black, specialised colours, UV resistant, and thick or thin gauge stretch films. Our full line of stretch films are available in machine and hand-applied formats, so for the right pallet wrap that will see your investment secured and guarded, FROMM will help you choose which stretch film best suits your needs thanks to our expert team.

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Do you need help selecting which Pallet Wrapping Film suits your business needs? Call Us - 1800 940 356