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Industrial Marking Pens

FROMM Packaging stocks a range of industrial marking pens which are ideal to write or mark onto almost any surface.

Texpen paintmarkers with their unique steel ball tip, write through grease, oil and water and can go where labels cannot attach. Great for the steel, timber, and aluminium industries these marking juggernauts make an ideal solution in the worst environments.

Action markers are best suited to warehouse and general writing and with their patented valve action last 10 times longer than conventional markers making them great value. If you lose the lid or damage the nib the action market will keep on going. Nibs can be replaced for a few cents and as the ink is held in the tube by a valve they cannot dry out.

There are specialty pens in this range which are designed to be used in high temperature environments, pens for big hands, pens for small hands. These products are designed for industry and not general house hold use.

  • Tuff Guy Marker

    Perfect for industrial marking – manufacturing, construction, timber, hi-tech and more. The TUFF GUY™ Marker is a heavy-duty, truly permanent ink marker which features a non-xylene based formula.

  • Fromm Packaging Brite-marker Marking Pen 125


    The Brite-Mark is a quick drying, oil-based marker that withstands harsh outdoor conditions without fading, chipping or losing its opacity. Brite-Mark Pens valve action ensures the pen lasts 10 times more than conventional markers delivering great value.

  • Fromm Packaging Texpen Marking Pen 125


    Exclusive to FROMM Packaging Australia, the Texpen paint marker is designed to write sharp, defined, bright marks on any surface including steel, plastic, concrete, rubber and more. 

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