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Dunnage Bags

Inflatable Dunnage Bags are a quick and easy solution to fill voids that can create load shift risks in containers.

Valuable cargo if not packed correctly can move in transit causing damage. Even minor damage can affect product viability, and impact on presentation. By using Bates Dunnage bags you can fill any voids inside the shipping container to stop the cargo moving during transit.

Easy to position, fast to inflate the Bates Dunnage Bags create a pillow of air that cushions the cargo to eliminate any potential damage. They are even water resistant!

  • Fromm Packaging Dunnage Bags

    Dunnage Bags

    Movement in transit is the leading cause of product damage. Dunnage Bags are placed into empty void spaces & inflated to securer your load. This ensures nothing can move in transit. 

  • Fromm Packaging Dunnage Bags Reusable

    Reusable Dunnage Bags

    The Reusable Dunnage Bags are ideal for businesses that need to transfer stock between plants. It can easily be inflated and deflated up to 25 times. Saving you significant money on container fill.  

  • Fromm Packaging Dunnage Bag Inflator Air Release 125

    Dunnage Bag Inflator with click on & air release

    The air-release inflation tool for Bates Cargo Pak Dunnage Bags guarantees fast inflation time. It also enables you to release the air from dunnage bags for repeat usage - Usually this is not possible when using one-way airbags.

  • Fromm Packaging Dunnage Bag Inflator Air Release 096059

    Dunnage Bag Inflator with air release

    The Bates Cargo Dunnage Bag Inflator with air-release valve guarantees the fastest inflation time. The air release valve will allow you to adjust the air pressure within the bag and deflate used bags.

  • Fromm Packaging Dunnage Bag Quick Inflator 096078

    Dunnage Bag Quick Inflator

    The lock coupling acts as an extension of your arm and makes it very easy to hold the dunnage bag in the gap during inflation.

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