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Carton Taping Machines

FROMM Packaging offers a complete range of carton taping machines for Australian business.

From the entry point of a simple taping machine such as the FCS-10U to the more sophisticated FCS50SDF which is designed to work inside a production environment with minimal interaction.

Taping the bottom and top of a box in under two seconds, the Fromm range are easy to integrate into your business and with a model for most applications FROMM is your industrial partner.

High speed machines with options such as flap closers, stoppers to allow for orderly processing and gravity conveyors to turn your taping needs into a simple operations, we have them all.

Complete with FROMM standard 24 month warranty, the taping and carton sealing machines are excellent value for money.

They utilise 48mm wide carton sealing tape in acrylic, PP or hot melt adhesives and 2000m rolls can be accommodated to minimise time associated with changing empty cartridges of tape.

Check out our Fast Product Finder to see what Carton Taping machines are suited to your needs or contact FROMM by phone or email to get our expert advice.

To view our Carton Handling Solutions range in a printable format click here.