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Protective Packaging Machines

Void Fill Machines designed for any sized warehouse

FROMM manufacture a range of Airpad machines, also known as void fill machines. Void Fill Machines create protective packaging pillows used as void fill or dunnage inside cartons.

FROMM Packaging Australia has been the leader in providing high quality Void Fill Machines for the manufacturing and supply chain industries for over 70 years. Our packaging solutions have been proven in a huge range of Australian businesses to unitise and palletise goods for transport.

FROMM has a wide variety of Airpad Void Fill Machines to cater for all your needs. They can scale to deal with large companies who move thousands of boxes a day to a small company who process a small range of different sized boxes on a daily basis. 

The Void Fill Machines can be provided with hoppers so the inflated pillows are always ready on demand and as the hoppers empty, the machines spring into life to generate more pillows.

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  • AP150 Airpad Machine

    The FROMM AP150 Airpad Void Fill Machine is an ideal choice for any sized warehouse or e-commerce facility. Capable of producing air pillows or bubble wrap to customized sizes. The Airpad AP150 can be used in conjunction with hoppers, mobile storage systems and overhead bin stores. 

  • Paper Void Fill

    Paper void fill has a one hundred times expansion and it can easily be placed around packages to protect during transport. Making it an ideal sustainable alternative to plastic void fill products. Ideal for spare parts, large individual items and general void fill. The FROMM Paper Void Fill Machine is fast & reliable.