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Carton Handling Solutions

Fromm Australia is the leading supplier of Carton Taping Machines and AirPad Machines

The rise of the internet shopping has seen an explosion in parcel and boxed products being transported by courier or Australia Post. To ensure the product inside the carton gets to its intended destination in pristine condition we have a range of different packaging solutions. 

Once the product is inside the carton, any voids can be filled using Airpad which are "tough" continuous pillows of air designed to fill empty spaces.

The Airpad film is dispensed by one of the Airpad machines within our range. We stock a range from 240volt “plug and play” desk top machines for ease of use to bigger units that can support a complete distribution facility often found in the larger E-commerce sites and pharmaceutical industries.

Once the box is full it needs to be closed and Fromm has a range of Carton Taping Machines to meet the varied needs of your business. There are options for a continuous flow of one box size or random designed that see what is coming and adjusts accordingly to meet a multi box size facility.

Some machines can stand alone with a small gravity conveyor and seal the top and bottom of the box simultaneously, others can be placed inside production environments and have a host of beneficial extras.

All Fromm Carton Sealing Machines, accommodate a range of packaging tapes, so they can be used in different environments such as cold stores, or other harsh environments.

Check out our Fast Product Finder to see what machines are suited to your needs or contact Fromm by phone or email to get our expert advice.