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Take advantage of the Instant asset write off - Its time to upgrade your packaging equipment

Now is the time to upgrade your packaging equipment with the Government extending the instant asset write off until 31st December 2020. This allows eligible companies an instant $150,000 write off on all new goods, installed and commissioned by the cut off date. 

For all the details about the government instant asset write off please visit the Australian ATO website. ​

Our range of solutions includes everything from simple, standalone wrapping and strapping machines, to fully automatic wrapping and strapping systems which can be customised to suit your needs. These systems can be installed with fencing, compression and safety systems to achieve an efficient packaging line capable of wrapping up to 120 pallets an hour.

Along with our tools, machines and consumables, we offer a number of export solutions such as desiccant, dunnage bags, carton sealers and marking/labelling solutions.

Wrapping Machines

Our complete range of pallet wrapping machines includes semi and fully automatic devices with enhancements including weighing scales, label applicators, top sheet devices.

We also have solutions suitable for hot and cold environments and the capability to wrap one pallet per hour all the way to 130 pallets per hour using fully integrated conveying and safety protocol. 

view our wrapping machine solutions


Strapping machines

FROMM Packaging has a wide range of Strapping Machine solutions including Semi-automatic Strapping Machines, strapping heads, strap dispensers and Inline Automatic Strapping Systems. All feature a rugged steel construction which is designed for round-the-clock operation, making them a great alternative to hand strapping boxes. 

Additional capability such as label and corner protection applicators and robot devices to add bearers can be included.

View our strapping machine solutions


Hand Strapping Tools

FROMM hand strapping tools bring unmatched performance, portability, and versatility to any industrial dispatch area.

Easy to use, you simply place the strap around the load tension, seal and cut using one of our ergonomically designed steel or plastic strapping tools. Our extensive range includes battery or pneumatically powered tools. 


view our hand strapping tool solutions


Void Fill Machines

FROMM has a wide variety of Airpad Void Fill Machines to cater for all your needs. They can scale to deal with large companies who move thousands of boxes a day to a small company who process a small range of different sized boxes on a daily basis. 

The Void Fill Machines can be provided with a full range of accessories and options. 


view our void fill machine solutions 



Carton Taping Machines

FROMM Packaging offers a complete range of carton taping machines for Australian business.

From the entry point of a simple taping machine such as the FCS-10U to the more sophisticated FCS50SDF which is designed to work inside a production environment with minimal interaction.


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