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Social Distancing measures in a busy dispatch warehouse

Government regulations dictate that everyone must follow social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep everyone safe in your local community. Keeping staff 1.5m apart in a busy warehouse can be challenging at the best of times, but FROMM is here to help! FROMM has designed a video to demonstrate how you can implement social distancing using the FROMM range of Carton Taping Machines & Wapping Machines to keep everyone safe.  


Carton Taping Machines

Do you currently have staff sealing boxes by hand? This is not only labour intensive but can slow your production throughput. With FROMM carton taping machines and conveyor systems, they are an inexpensive and easy to use solution to maintain social distancing with excellent closure qualities.

With FROMM Carton Taping Machines, you can tape the bottom and top of a box in under two seconds. With a range of options such as flap closers, stoppers to allow for orderly processing and gravity conveyors to turn your taping needs into a simple operation, we have them all.

Complete with FROMM standard 24 month warranty, the taping and carton sealing machines are excellent value for money.

They utilise 48mm wide carton sealing tape in acrylic, PP or hot melt adhesives and 2000m rolls can be accommodated to minimise time associated with changing empty cartridges of tape.

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Social Distancing Video


Wrapping Machines

Are you currently wrapping pallets by hand? This process is considered high risk under the new social distancing laws, as it often requires several dispatch staff to be in close contact with several hand touchpoints increasing COVID-19 contamination risks. Not to forget, the process is labour intensive, expensive and is filled with WH&S risks.

FROMM stocks a range of market-leading stretch wrapping machines and pallet wrap consumables. Whether you need to wrap small or tall pallets, light or heavy loads, odd shapes and sizes we have a stretch wrapper to suit your requirements.

The FSW360 FROMM Stretch Wrapping Machine is the ideal entry point to automate wrapping of pallets and it can be purchased outright for as little as $8640. The turntable diameter is 1650mm providing the right social distance when staff stand on opposite sides of the machine. Wrapping Machines allow your staff to easily load the pallet onto the turntable and with one simple button your pallet can be wrapped for dispatch.

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